DHSF has developed and improved its own dynamic sealing technology. The flexible and stainless stell repair coupling with bilabial gasket from HERMETICA.

Tests with pressure ratings of up to 150 bar, corrosion tests, aging and durability tests of 12500 days for our EPDM rubber and mechanic stress tests for the materials we use allow us to guarantee the best sealing solution for any maintenance situation in water distribution networks, capitation, potabilization and water treatment plants.

High tech design manufactured in 100% certified European stainless steel allows us to offer our coupling,  a simple and light solutions, easy to fit, even in large diameters, with minimum weight and using few screws.


Applicable on any type of pipe: Steel, fiber cement, cast iron, GRP, PVC, PVC-O, PE *, stoneware ...

repair clamp compatible with asbestos cement, GRP GRES PVC PE IRON STEEL


Uses internal pressure to generate the tightness.

pipe clamp dinamic seal system


It adapts and allows the proper movements of the pipes due to the effects of traffic, settlements, vibrations ...

connect repair clamp solution
repair clamp vibration proof


Manufacture in stainless steel AISI 304L / 316L. Longer guaranteed life

HERMETICA coupling
Material specifications

Casing Stainless steel AISI 304L/ 316L. Screws Stainless Steel with Teflon coating AISI 304/ 316. Shafts Stainless steel AISI 304/ 316. Rubber joint EPDM, two lips, regulation UNE EN 681. Compatible with drinking water according to certification: ACS, WRAS. For other materials, please ask the manufacturer

Stainless steel coupling


Thanks to the lightness, minimum space, hand tools and designs Hold-in-place and Pilot operations and maintenance times are drastically reduced.

stainless steel coupling
  1. Brass washer between the screw head and shaft. Minimizes the high friction between stainless Steel parts and assures the torque rating.
  2. Screws made of stainless steel AISI 304/ 316 coated with green Teflon. Anti-seizing system to prevent seizing between stainless steel parts.
  3. Hold-in-place system: Avoids shifting, falling or losing any of the clamp’s parts.
  4. Reinforcment sheet: Welded to the casing.
  5. Specially mechanized, solid stainless steel shafts made of AISI 304/ 316 for optimum screw head settling.

* Without anti-drag system.


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hermetica clamps ACS certificate