We are DHSF, the manufacturer of HERMETICA repair clamps. Our factory is placed in Librilla, Murcia (Spain) where we make the full production of HERMETICA solutions.

Our project started in 1992 with the aim to produce a high performance solution for pipe connection and pipe repair maintenance works on damaged networks. With more than 30 years experience, we improve our FLEXIBLE SEALING TECHNOLOGY through our R+D programs. DHSF produces repair clamps as a definitive repair solution for leaks in pipelines of potable or raw water, industrial fluids or gases and irrigation pipelines.

Our expertise and added value is based on our automatized capability of production and our Technicians Team. These allow us to offer a specific and custom support to our International Sales Department to provide the best solution adapted to each customer’s requirements.

As a manufacturer of flexible repair clamps and pipe network maintenance solutions, we know that a good service and quality are critical for Utilities and Industries. We are committed with them suppling the best solution in the minimum time having on stock repair clamps from 60mm up to 1400 mm. Our stock together with our local partnership in more than 22 countries in the world, provide a just-in-time service of 24-48 hours. Ask us for further information here

Each HERMETICA repair clamp and coupling is manufactured on Stainless Steel AISI 304 or AISI 316 and EPDM gasket with WRAS and ACS potable water certification.

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Repair with HERMETICA clamps.

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Our vision

To establish ourselves as the innovative and reference solution for our customers.

Our mission

Produce innovative and highly adjusted solutions for our customers within the water industry. Solutions that succeed to exceed expectations, improve efficiency and make the world a more sustainable place.

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Our values

DHSF is a family business with a history based on fundamental values that guide us in our commitment to our customers’ success.

We create value for our customers, giving solutions to their needs through fast and personalized support.

Each and every person, ideas and opinions that form part of DHSF, at any level of our organization, is being considered.

We put a lot of effort to respect our clients, the Company, our surroundings, the Environment and ourselves, therefore we base our actions on making the right thing, as evidenced by ISO certifications 9.001:2015 and ISO 14.001:2015.

We incentivize professional development through training programs as well as the development of skills that allow us to obtain success in any work we attend.

We support the development and transformation of new ideas into actions that obtain verifiable results.

Fluidity and dedication in the conversations with our customers have led us to achieve joint objectives.

We love what we do and we are proud of our achievements. It is this enthusiasm that keeps us improving ourselves.

Preservation of the Environment and the ever scarcer hydric resources are strongly tied to our history. We do our best to promote balanced social well-being by supporting our clients, working together to improve efficiency and reduce losses of captation and distribution water networks.


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As a repair clamp manufacturer we have over thirty years of experience in corrective maintenance, tightening leaks and repairing water mains endorse our specialization. Our technicians, specialists in sealing, work on the design and solution that best suits your maintenance requirements.

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