‘Acceptable leaks’ are unacceptable

‘Acceptable leaks’ are unacceptable

Leaks are the enemy. Leaks lead to loss of product, profit, time, energy and reputation. In businesses where efficiency, safety and environmental care are more important than ever before the idea of ‘acceptable leaks’ should be inacceptable. Stamp out leaks today for sustainable success tomorrow. Protect your business, protect our environment, with HERMETICA Technology.

Prevent fugitive emissions

Fugitive emissions have no place in 4.0 industry and Smart Cities. The unplanned leakage of fluids create damaging to businesses, individuals and the environment. An increasingly stringent regulatory environment demands compliance. From the potable water, irrigation, mining, oil and gas sector, to chemical processing, power generation, facilities must address leaks, or pay the price. With connections the ‘usual culprits’ in emissions to air, land and water, effective preventative action is essential. HERMETICA technology is the answer, delivering total pipe integrity, zero fugitive emissions, and absolute peace of mind.

Save money, save the planet

Reduce waste and increase ROI with the HERMETICA. As a definitive solution, the impact of temporary repairs disappears. Thanks to their single metal construction – 100% Stainless steel – HERMETICA can be even easily reused and recycled, delivering cost benefits for business while saving the environment from unnecessary waste disposal. Simple, safe, and sustainable savings, for you, for society, for the world.

Enduring quality

HERMETICA technology is a lasting performance solution. Manufactured with a high grade of stainless steel and a progressive EPDM gasket profile, the seal offers a unique strength, thanks to reduced torque requirements, and optimal corrosion resistance. The result is piping infrastructure with greatly enhanced durability – meaning less maintenance, less replacements, less waste and more operational security. Just what your business needs.

Putting your Company in pole position

Sustainability is top of the agenda for 4.0 industry & Utilities worldwide. Seize leadership in your segment by installing the one sealing solution that puts a permanent end to unplanned leaks and emissions – safeguarding the environment, protecting people, boosting your business. No more fugitive fluid pollution, no more maintenance concerns, just complete, long-term piping integrity, and optimal environmental standards.

‘WRAS – or nothing’

British Standard ‘WRAS’ is a national water quality regulation that sets standards for products installed in contact with potable water. In a powerful demonstration of HERMETICA’s ability to not just comply, but far exceed regulatory demands, KIWA conducted a HERMETICA pressure test in accordance with BS 6920. HERMETICA technology was certified as a ‘high-grade sealing system’, sealing 2.5 times tighter than water industry requirements. Total safety, zero pollution. Now, isn’t that a breath of fresh air?

Saving cost, adding value – from day one

Your pipes can deliver competitive advantage. In 4.0 industries and Water networks where ‘leak and fix’ is the norm, companies that construct pipe infrastructure with complete operational integrity from the outset get a financial head start. Simple engineering, procurement, logistics, installation and recycling, alongside a simply leak-proof capability, ensures HERMETICA puts you in pole position.

Install and forget

HERMETICA features a solid metal design with a special focus on low lifecycle cost. Using a progressive seal design there is no need for re-tightening the bolts for the entire operational life span of the seal. The certified resistance to vibration, pressure pulses, and temperature changes enables for extended service life. In most applications, the HERMETICA technology will last as long as the flange, pipeline or joint itself. As a result, the lifespan of your assets can also be significantly extended, greatly reducing costs associated with replacement and planned shutdowns.

Avoid shutdowns

Leaks are dangerous, expensive and avoidable. For projects under construction or turnaround, leaks can severely disrupt schedules, causing delays, cost overruns, full shutdowns and, once production resumes, uncertainty. Any further leaks jeopardize profitable production and, with the potential for environmental damage and the need for emergency services, are an unnecessary burden on society. HERMETICA is the solution industry and Water Utilities has been waiting for.

Extends equipment life

Through the use of a solid stainless steel construction, galvanic corrosion is completely eliminated. The progressive seal design prevent degradation.

Leaner pipework

The adaptive progressive seal ridges gently deform and adapt to the pipe surface and during under pressure work. Progressive seal gasket design require a low torque strengths. Additional EN-681 test proved that after seating, the HERMETICA gasket showed a significantly lower level of deformation over competing gasket solutions. As a result, torque requirements are lower than competing gaskets, enabling the superior seal strength to be achieved without compromising the integrity of the material or resulting in pipe face deformation.

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